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K-Skincare Tips

We read about the benefits of fermented foods seemingly everyday. From kimchi--our favorite--miso, sauerkraut, wine, and yogurt, science continues to discover new amazing health benefits from fermented foods.

Fermented foods

Did you know that fermented ingredients also provide amazing aging and health benefits for our skin as well?

Reportedly one of the earliest discoveries of the benefits of fermented skin care was when one famous brand noticed the youthful hands of old Japanese sake brewers. 

Just like food, there's many different plants that can be fermented for skincare benefits. Here's what science knows about the benefits fermented skin care -- but beyond these benefits, there are even more amazing are all the benefits scientists don't fully understand yet! 

Smaller Ingredients, Easily Absorbed

The fermentation process naturally break down vitamins, nutrients, and essential acids into smaller molecules more easily absorbed into the skin.  Your favorite serum or cream has ingredients proven to benefit skin but a lot of times those beneficial nutrients can't be fully absorbed.

Water Molecule

Fermentation breaks down nutrients into smaller molecules--let's say more bite size nutrients. This helps enhance the concentration actually absorbed by the skin.

Look out for products that help deliver essential nutrients like fatty acids that makeup our skin's barrier. Providing these nutrients helps strengthen the skin barrier and make it more resilient to environmental damage from air pollution and UV.

Superior Hydration

Fermentation naturally breaks down the cell walls of the fermented plant into small compounds -- one of which are known as polysaccharides. Similar to hyaluronic acid, these polysaccharides get absorbed by the skin acting like little sponges, attracting and retaining moisture in the skin. 

Flavonoids, Proteins, and Microbiome

Not only does fermentation make certain nutrients easier to absorb, it also helps release new ingredients or create other ingredients that benefit our skin. These nutrients can provide beneficial antioxidants that fight off free radicals or help increase skin's condition and elasticity.

Fermentation of proteins helps to increase procollagen biosynthesis which helps minimize the appearance of wrinkles and improve skin elasticity.

Huxley Conditioning Essence Reframe
60 ml / 2.02 fl. oz.


Formulated with 92% fermented organic Moroccan cactus stem, Huxley's Conditioning Essence Reframe gives skin a deep hydration boost plus essential fatty acids and proteins to strengthen skin and limit the signs of aging.

Cactus stem helps the cactus absorb even trace amounts of water from the desert into the cactus. The natural fermentation process breaks down the cactus stem's cells into smaller ingredients called polysaccharides easily absorbed by the skin. These polysaccharides act like little sponges--absorbing moisture and locking it in.

In cruelty-free clinical testing, Conditioning Essence helped skin absorb and retain hydration 4 times better than water-based moisturizes after two weeks use.