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Conditioning Essence Reframe

by Huxley

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Free Shipping on orders $50+. Flat rate $2.95 shipping all orders.

Conditioning Essence Reframe

by Huxley

Regular price$54.00 Sale price
Free Shipping on orders $50+. Flat rate $2.95 shipping all orders.
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A moisturizing and conditioning first essence with organic fermented cactus filtrate packed with essential hydrating and anti-aging nutrients.

Specially developed by Huxley, low molecular weight fermented cactus filtrate excels at absorbing water and delivering nutrients deep within the skin.  The low pH formula optimally conditions skin to better absorb and retain moisture from products applied in later steps.

Huxley ferments organic Moroccan cactus stem in a natural, eco-friendly process to produce small water-soluble molecules excellent at absorbing and retaining water. Similar to hyaluronic acid, fermented cactus filtrate is easily absorbed by skin and provides superior moisture retention.

The natural fermentation process releases essential falvonoids and proteins that provide excellent anti-aging and antioxidant benefits. Huxley paired fermented cactus filtrate with Cactus Ceramide NP complex to provide essential fatty acids to protect and strengthen skin.

With a semi-viscous formula thicker than most toners, this the a perfect low pH "first essence" that replaces or complements your toner.

Cruelty-free dermatological tests on humans show improved moisture retention by skin after just two weeks use.


Use and Indications

After cleansing, apply a few pumps of essence onto the face and gently pat it until fully absorbed. Layering the essence multiple times on any dry areas helps keep skin moisturized for longer periods of time. 

If paired with a toner, use after toning. Best applied without a cotton pad. If you use a cotton pad, microfine moisturizing ingredients are trapped in the fibers of the pad and less absorbed into the skin. We recommend that you apply the essence directly onto the palm of your hands or face without using a cotton pad.

Apply your choice of serums and moisturizing creams after Conditioning Essence.

Cruelty Free Dermatological Tested:

  • Hypoallergenic patch testing
  • Hydration test - Improved skin hydration after 2 weeks use up to 2.5 mm deep
  • Moisture retention test - Improved retention after 2 weeks. Measured by standard Trans Epidermal Water Loss Test.


    Key Ingredients

    From organically fermented Moroccan cactus stem. This low molecular weight formula provides excellent hydration easily absorbed by the skin as well as anti-aging benefits.

    Rich in essential phytochemicals and vitamins E, F, K, and Omega-6.  Key antioxidants to protect against the signs of aging.

    A proprietary ceramide complex derived from cactus seed oil. Similar to skin's natural skin barrier with essential fatty acids and antioxidants to strengthen the skin barrier and deeply moisturize.

    More features

    Improved Hydration

    Improved Hydration

    Fermented Cactus improves skin's moisturization more than water-based moisturizer after two weeks.

    Reduced Moisture Loss

    Reduced Moisture Loss

    14.5% decrease in water lost from skin compared to water-based moisturizers after two weeks.

    Signature Fragrance

    Moroccan garden oasis

    A delightful light fragrance inspired by a Moroccan garden oasis with hints of earthy musk and floral undertones.

    Moroccan Cactus Oil

    Moroccan Cactus Oil

    Cold pressed oil from the Moroccan Prickly Pear Cactus. Contains Vitamin E concentrations 400x greater than Olive Oil.

    Cactus Water Extract

    Cactus Water Extract

    Extracted from cactus stem, cactus water contains essential nutrients and minerals that helps skin absorb hydration better than purified water.


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